Spotted at Hideaway Books in American Fork, Utah:

Now available for sale in my local bookstore! And I had a crazy experience when I saw my books for sale. I was looking through the picture books with my son, and I spied a picture book from when I was a child.

I think I was in first grade. A local author visited our school and we went to an assembly to hear her read her book. Afterward, the teachers picked two students from each class to go and interview the author in a smaller setting. I remember crossing my fingers, my toes, whatever I could cross for luck. I wanted to be picked so bad. I can’t remember wanting anything more.

By some stroke of luck, or the fact that my teacher knew me better than I realized, I was picked to interview the author. Nervous to the core, I couldn’t think of any questions to ask. I couldn’t even talk to the author. I just sat and listened to everyone else ask her questions, and I wrote as fast as I could.

When I got home and told my parents about my experience, I was bursting with excitement. Though it took me a few years to realize, that was the moment I knew I wanted to be an author. Not too long ago, I got to do my first school visit as a local author. And now my book is being sold in the same store as that author’s book.

(Of course I bought the book.)


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