A Day in the Life Of...

A Day in the Life of…Verysherryterry!

    Another Monday, another guest! Today’s guest is *drumroll* Verysherryterry!

Grab some snacks and fasten your safety gear. This might be a bumpy ride. 

Writing is my passion, my lover, and I spend time with him every day. Working on my own stuff is a different story because procrastination is my muse. I was excited to receive the invitation to participate in this guest blog post. It means I have a valid reason not to work on my own writing. 

Start of day one:

Up and stirring around. It’s noon. First things first: morning ablutions.

I get my caffeine together. Diet Mountain Dew is the bomb; just sayin’. Settle into my chair and search for something on TV for background noise as I check my emails, Facebook, Twitter, Scribophile, and my website stats.

Never really anything good on TV, so I put in a DVD I’ve watched hundreds of times. Something for the mood and era I’ll be writing in. To Be a Wife is my project at the moment, an historical romance/erotica set during the 1066 Norman victory over the Saxons. None of the movies are spot on for the era, but the overall vibe I’m looking for is available. Today, I’ll start with Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

I retire to my work station and check off writing necessities. A comfy chair in my bedroom, check. Mountain Dew on ice, check. TV background noise, check. Remote, check. Feet up, check. Laptop across my knees, check.

When I’m at home, I’m in my jimmies.

I’m a multitasker, so that means I have several windows open in various stages of doing something writing related. Scribophile is always open in at least two tabs. My email, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m working with a new writer, critiquing/editing their first story, so I have that open. Helping new writers is my favorite activity.

Social media updated, check. 

I open To Be a Wife where I left off. Editing chapter seven.

Forty-five minutes later…

Take a break. This means I go outside for a bit of nicotine.

It’s now late afternoon, 3pm, and I’m procrastinating by working on this blog post. My movie is almost over, and I’m getting hungry. I must have fuel to keep going, and the leftover stew from last night hits the spot.

Step outside.

Obligations come first, so I’m off to work on the critique.

Four o’clock. I’ve been back outside and checked social media. My story I’m supposed to be working on to fulfill this assignment is still sitting over there. Staring at me. At least it’s open.

Received an email from an author asking a question. I researched and answered it then clicked on my story. Instead of working on chapter seven, I’ve decided to clean up one little thing in the first chapter before I forget.

The smell of dinner is filling the air at seven o’clock. I have worked on the critique for my new author, fixed two typos in chapter one of my own story, and I’m back over here. I am going to work on To Be a Wife tonight! After steaks and dishes, for sure.

It’s 9pm. I’m editing chapter one of my story. Not really. Really I’m working on this blog post.

Put in a different movie. Braveheart this time. I am going to work on my own story. Zoom!

At midnight, I’ve read the first part of chapter one on To Be a Wife. And that’s it. I got sidetracked putting the finishing touches on a business I helped someone set up and started a Facebook profile as part of their marketing. In a few short moments it will be a new day, and I’ve done almost nothing towards my own writing.

I did help two other authors with critiques on their work, and spent some time earning my keep as a writer anyway I can. That counts, right?

Four o’clock in the morning, and I am proud to announce that I have spent the last three hours and forty-five minutes working on the final edits on chapter one of, To Be a Wife.

So there you are. Twenty-fourish hours in the writing life of Verysherryterry.

The things that pull me off my own writing: 

  • Clients. They pay for my help with their stories, and social media. I’m there for them 24/7. 
  • Emails, Scribophile, Facebook, Twitter, website. 
  • This blog post. 
  • Stepping outside. 

Weird things I do when I write: 

  • Have movies on for background noise. I’ve seen each a million and half times, which are in or about the era I’m working in. 
  • I cannot write or do anything writing related if the internet is down. I just can’t concentrate. 
  • If nothing good is on TV, I cannot concentrate even though I’m not watching it.
  • I have a hard time sitting still.

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    And that’s verysherryterry’s day! Interesting, right? Everyone’s schedules have been so different so far. Not everyone can stay up writing until 4 am. 
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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of…Verysherryterry!”

  1. Interesting. Everyone's different. I can't write with the TV on. Not at all. It's like a magnet for my brain. Doesn't matter if I've seen the show 100 times. I either need quiet or turn on some mood music. But that's just me.

  2. @Ron Hutchinson, it's not just you. I can't have high levels of background noise either, especially not television.

    It's great to have a glimpse of your writing life, verysherryterry, and you're not alone in being distracted from your writing easily by other things. I have a hard time sitting still as well, so make an effort to get up every so often and move around a bit to get the jitters out.

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