Camp NaNoWriMo

    A lot of things have been going on recently. First off, check out my word counts on the sidebar! I’ve done a lot of work for A Fairy’s Tale recently. I’m hoping to get back to editing Powerful soon, but I’ve got a few short stories that I’m editing right now so  it’s been put on hold temporarily. 
    Second, I’ve been fighting off a cold for over a week now and it still isn’t any better. Basically what this means is that I’m even more exhausted than normal, and my head hurts worse. I have less than no focus on anything right now. Yesterday I couldn’t even walk because my head hurt so bad. Work tomorrow should be fun.
    We’re house sitting for my in laws, which means we’re also dog sitting. We dog sat for them last year too, and the dogs got along great by the end, but it’s been a whole year and they just kind of pace around each other uncomfortably. It’s entertaining.
    Anyway, I’m trying really hard not to make excuses about why I’ve been less than productive, because I’ve been fairly productive recently. I worked full time last week and got a lot of writing done, though not a lot of sleep. Again, the part to focus on is that I am still writing.
    The good news is that I’m preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo starting in July. I’ve set a word goal of 25,000 words for the month for the first draft of A Fairy’s Tale. I’ll post weekly updates here starting on Thursday (technically not July, but I work on Friday) with my starting word count, and on Friday when I work, I’m gonna start writing! 

    This is my first year doing Camp NaNo, and I’m really excited. I joined a cabin with a handful of my writing friends, and we’re all really excited to get to work! I can’t wait until Friday!

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  1. Good luck at camp! It never worked well for me. It always made me feel obligated and then I didn't want to do anything. I've seen a lot of good come out of it though!

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