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Between Heroes and Villains: A Superpower Anthology

    Remember back in December when I was published? Well, now Rowanwood Publishing is bringing you a second JL anthology, coming June 17th!

    Between Heroes and Villains: A Superpower Anthology is a collection of short stories about superheroes, supervillains, and super powers. 

What is the difference between a hero and a villain?

A hero should always use their power for good: a detective devotes his life to chasing gifted villains; a girl uses her frost powers to rescue her father; a weary sidekick faces her childhood nemesis; and a young man must protect his loved ones against a tyrannical authority.

But having unique gifts means facing tough decisions: a doctor must choose between saving his reputation or his patient; a young woman saves a drowning man and finds herself in danger as a result; a student discovers the consequences of choice; and a wannabe hero takes on a supervillain hoping she’ll be invited to the hero’s league.

And the line between good and evil is oftentimes blurred: a self-made hero crosses that line to save the world; a lovesick henchman blindly follows his master’s orders; a mentor attempts to prevent a pupil from being drawn to villainy; a superpowered military team questions their orders despite the inevitable consequences.

Follow these men and women as they set out to save themselves, and the world, from the great evils around them.SaveSave

    The JL would like to thank Indigo Forest Designs for the STUNNING cover, which compliments the first anthology’s cover perfectly, and Hayden Illustrations for the artwork inside. 
    Unfortunately, you have a bit longer to wait for these new stories but in the meantime, you can still check out the first JL anthology, From the Stories of Old!

    Also, the JL Anthologies now have social media pages to follow for more updates between now and the release day! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for excerpts and more information on this and future anthologies!

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