The Aeonians: Blog Tour with J. E. Klimov

    Today we have a very special guest! Meet J. E. Klimov!

Ever since J.E. Klimov was little, she dreamed of sharing her stories with the world. From scribbling plotlines instead of taking notes in school, to bringing her characters to life through sketches, J.E. Klimov’s ideas ranged from fantasy to thriller fiction. Her first publication was a short story, The Guardian’s Secret, in “From the Stories of Old”─ an anthology of fairy-tale retellings. “The Aeonians” is her debut novel with Silver Leaf Books.

A- Welcome! First, tell us a little bit about you.

J. E.- I am a New England native with a passion for spinning stories. Initially, I drew graphic novels for fun, but I later turned to writing as well. I found that a bit ironic because English and Literature were my worst classes in high school. Then, I went to college to become a pharmacist.
    While I have a steady job, I learned the hard way that life’s too short. I needed to incorporate passion in my life. So, I picked up the pen once more in 2014 during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). 

    I also have two short stories published in the Just-Us-League anthologies, and I intend on participating on many more!
    When I’m not writing (or working), I like to play Legend of Zelda, watch Masterchef or The Office re-runs, play with my cat, and run. There is very little spare time in my life, so I try and make every second count.

A- Ahh, Masterchef. I love watching that show while eating cereal, since that’s about all I can cook. I always like to start off the interviews with some random questions about you as an author, so what’s your favorite color?

J. E.- My favorite color is red. Red is considered lucky in Chinese culture. It’s also bright and invigorating.

A- If you had to pick a song to describe your life, what would it be?

J. E.- “Some Nights” by FUN. There are always days filled with questions: Am I doing the right thing? Am I being the best person I can be? Some days are good, while others are bad- but no matter what, you can’t lose yourself. It also has an incredible beat that is very inspiring.

A- And I ask this to everyone I interview- What is your opinion on the Oxford comma?

J. E.- I personally like it, and I do use it. It was how I was taught. Also, it may be my OCD, but inserting a comma after every listed item makes the sentence look consistent. However, I understand it’s a writing style and not everyone agrees.
A- Anyway, you’re here to tell us about your debut novel, The Aeonians! Who should read this story and what inspired you to write it?

J. E.- I would like to pride myself in the fact that it could be enjoyed by avid fantasy fans as well as those who are timid to stray from mainstream literature.
    As dorky as this may sound, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, was the primary inspiration to my story. As a kid, I enviously watched my cousin play it to completion, as my parents didn’t allow me to have video games at that time. My eyes widened in awe at the open fields of Hyrule and the element of “growing up” with the playable character, Link. The amazing assortment of creatures, dungeons, bosses, and even music became my muse to create my own colorful world.

A- My husband loves Zelda games, too. They are his favorite “escape”, like mine is reading. After you got the idea and wrote it down, what challenges did you face getting it ready to publish?

J. E.- The bulk of my challenges was really working up the nerve to say “I’m done” with editing. I would obsess over perfecting my story, thinking it wasn’t publisher worthy. Once I tore away from that obsession, it became easier. It really did. Everything else was more fun. I took a day or two to sit at Barnes & Noble and flip through the Writer’s Digest book of publishers. I performed my research, decided to move forward without an agent and focus on small press. I wrote a query letter with the help of my writer friends at Scribophile, and then sent them along their merry way to about twelve publishers. All of this certainly was not “easy”, but everything rolled along once I forced myself to let go of the editing stage.

A- Editing is hard because there are so many different ways to write each sentence and everyone prefers it to be a different way. Just how everyone writes it differently. What is your writing routine like?

J. E.- Because of my crazy schedule between work and family, I adapt wherever and whenever I can. My ideal routine is typing away in the corner of a Panera/Starbucks/Barnes&Noble, sipping on the strongest coffee available, and listing to movie or game soundtracks. It’s all about the location, caffeine, and music!

A- Caffeine is a necessity for my writing as well. I loves it. I needs it! Do you have any favorite writing snacks

    *clears throat* That got a bit off topic. Do you have any favorite writing snacks?

J. E.- Well, I prefer a writing drink: the revered coffee. Usually when I’m in the zone, I forget about food altogether… But once I’m done, I do like to indulge in popcorn or Doritos!

A- Back to your story. If you had to pick a song to describe your novel, what would it be?

J. E.- “Centuries” By Fallout Boy. Applying to both the protagonist and antagonist: they are in the fight of their life that will be “remembered for centuries”. Also, the alternative/rock matches the tone of the novel.
A- Now, will there be a sequel?

J. E.- You bet there will be. The Aeonians was meant to be a standalone novel, but it was because of a love for one character that I decided to transform this into a trilogy. I anticipate the sequel, The Shadow Warrior, to be released fall 2018.

A- So there’s at least one more book in your future. What else do you have planned to write?

J. E.- I am primarily a fantasy writer. I love creating new worlds and new creatures. I am captivated by the powers of the elements. So, the most of my subsequent books will fall in line with this genre. However, I may stretch the content to accommodate other audiences. For example, one borderlines science fiction, based off my short story The Fate of Patient Zero in “Between Heroes and Villains” anthology. Another I consider a thriller, but with trace elements of “urban fantasy”. The possibilities are endless…

A- Sounds like fun! Don’t forget to check out The Aeonians when it is released on November 13th!

Isabel Deran only wants to practice archery with the castle guards, and that is the last thing expected from an elegant Princess. Living in the shadow of her late sister, Victoria, she is next in line to receive the royal armlet that is embedded with four stones: an opal, a sapphire, an amber, and a ruby. It is a revered family heirloom with the power of the elements passed down from mother to daughter.

However, an evil, once thought to be sealed away in a prison in which time does not pass, breaks free with an army that swarms the castle and wreck havoc over the kingdom in search for the magical armlet. They are known as the Aeonians. When they kidnap Isabel and place their hands on it, the precious stones vanish.

Isabel is now trapped in a race against time to locate her stones of power with the head of the Aeonian army, Bence Brechenhad, stalking her like a shadow. With the help of her trusty weapon, the sai, she fights her way through seemingly impossible trials and fearsome monsters in order to restore peace in her kingdom.

    In the meantime, follow J. E. Klimov for news on her sequel and the rest of her writing on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook!


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