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NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 4

    So this week was not as successful as last week.  My NaNoWriMo so far look like this:

    Week 1- 6,255 words – 20,372 words total
    Week 2- 9,273 words – 15,528 words so far – 29,645 words total
    Week 3- 4,435 words – 19,963 words so far – 34,080 words total

    I am 37 words away from hitting my goal.  Now most of you will look at that and think how easy that is and how I’ll definitely reach my goal.
    I get to spend my week cleaning, organizing, and prepping for my family to come for Thanksgiving.  They come on Thursday and leave on Monday.  That means if I don’t want to spend all my time with my family writing, then I have two days to get it done.  I just have one chapter to write.  That one chapter (chapter 17) is the official halfway point of Rose.  

    I’m starting to feel a lot of panic and pressure, and with panic and pressure comes writer’s block.

    Now, Scrivener really helps with the writer’s block because I always know what I want to happen next.  The biggest problem I’m facing is that I’m writing a trilogy where each book focuses on a different character, and I’ve only got one character’s story planned out.  This next chapter is a pivotal moment for all three characters, but I don’t know exactly why for two of the characters. I know mostly why, but without every little detail planned out (like I have for Rose), it makes me nervous to write.
    I’m hoping that once I sit down and start to figure things out a little, the writing will come naturally to me like it usually does. Especially since this chapter really only focuses on Rose and Phillippe (since it’s their points of view and their story), I’m hoping that not knowing everything about Ella and Dahlia will not affect me too much.  
    It’s a thought based chapter, too.  It’s not heavy on dialogue (which apparently is my strong suit in writing), and that makes me nervous.  
    I need to remind myself over and over and over again that this is just the first draft, and it doesn’t need to be perfect.  There will be many edits and revisions to come, and things will change.  The little dialogue that I write will not remain the official dialogue of the chapter.
    It’s the first draft, and I can do this.
    Hopefully next time you hear from me, I’ll be halfway done with my novel.  Happy NaNoWriMo, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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