Writing Practice

The Princess in the Tower

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve done random prompt writing. It’s been a while since I’ve done real creative writing. I spent a lot of time writing a short summary of the idea I had for my Cinderella retelling that doesn’t at all fit in with any part of Rose. It sucks because it’s a really good idea, but to be fair, my other idea wasn’t that bad. It’s Sleeping Beauty and Snow White that I’m having trouble coming up with story ideas for.
    Anyway, I finished reading for the contest I’m judging, and it did give me a bit of creative energy. Unfortunately, I need to get the words flowing again before I can go back to working on Powerful. So I picked out a prompt. 

    Just your ordinary fantasy story, right? Well, hopefully not. I need to get into the princess-y fantasy mood, but I’m hoping that I can write something entertaining and unique enough so it’s worthy to post here.  Here goes nothing.
    “Who the heck are you?” She screeched as she backed away from the man who entered through her window.
    “Fear not, fair maiden. I have come to rescue you from your imprisonment.” He bowed, his sword clinking against the stone floor.
    “How did you get up here?” Her eyebrows scrunched together.
    “I have traveled far to set you free.” He huffed a few times. “I’m sorry, but do you have some water to spare? Climbing the tower took more strength than I had anticipated and now I am parched.”
    Her forehead remained scrunched as she filled a cup with water and passed it over to him. What was this man doing here and what did he mean set her free?
    “Thank you, miss.” He bowed once more before taking a swig from the cup. Coughing again to clear his throat, he sat in a nearby chair.
    “Are you going to tell me what you’re doing here?” She folded her arms. This wasn’t the way she wanted to spend her day.
    He held up a finger as if to silence her. It didn’t work.
    “Look, I don’t know what you’re doing here or why, so you better tell me before I call my dragon to get you.”
    “Maiden, I have bested the dragon.”
    “You WHAT?!”
    “I had to put it to sleep so I could climb up and free you from your tower.”
    “Andriena!” She ran to the window and looked down to see her dragon friend curled up the base of the tower. Loud snores echoed up to her.
    “I was sent here by your parents to rescue you from your tower and bring you back to take your rightful place as princess. I fought many other knights to win the honor of bringing you home.”
    “You idiot!” She paced around the tower. “I don’t need to be rescued. I ran away. My parents are evil and they tried to kill me. Andriena rescued me from them and brought me here so I would be safe. You’re going to bring me back to them? Are you crazy?”
    He stuttered a few times before fading to silence.
    “And you’re a moron because there’s a door right there.” She turned and pointed to the corner where a flight of stairs and a door sat. “Why would you climb through my window?”
    “Forgive me maiden, I simply wanted to help you.”
    “By hurting my best friend and kidnapping me to bring me back to the people who are trying to kill me? Get out.”
    “Please, I…”
    “Get out!”
    He stood, but refused to move toward the door.
    “Leave before I push you back out the window.”
    He bowed once more. “I’m very sorry to have troubled you,” then he headed down the stairs and left.
    She rolled her eyes. “Great, now I have to move again,” she mumbled as she began to pack her things.

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