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Writer’s Sketchbook 3

Over the weekend I discovered that one character is growing more and more important in the overall plot of the story, and I decided that it was increasingly more important for me to do a character sketch of her in order to aid me in my writing.  This is going to be a fun character to write about because the reader has a love-hate relationship with her because her personality is so torn and twisted.  So here I present, Violette De La Fontaine.


-fears: being alone, rejection, intimacy
-confident with a disinterested air
-resounding laugh
-easily irritated and offended
-outgoing and lively, but not pleasant
-not afraid to speak her mind – brazen
-drinks alcohol
-favorite thing to do is shop
-has expensive tastes 
-loves her sisters more than anything
-doesn’t easily trust people
-fiercely independent to the point of insubordination
-prides herself on her perfect nails
-favorite accessory is a necklace
-long ashy brunette hair – a dusty book about a complicated topic Phillippe just could not understand 
-olive green eyes – a dark green hurricane of so many different emotions shrouded by thick black eyelashes
-straight mouth – red, alluring lips
-nervous habit – doesn’t make eye contact, twirls hair
-slender, athletic, and tall (tallest De La Fontaine daughter)

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