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Packing and packing and packing….

    I’ve been crazy busy lately, and I’m only going to get busier as the days go by. If you didn’t know, Husband of Mine is graduating next week and we’ll be officially moving back to California for good! I’m excited to go back home, but it also means that we’re moving again and I hate moving.

    Yeah, that’s me right now. Drowning in boxes. Luckily, we knew we were moving and I started packing two weeks ago. But there are only so many things you can pack up a month in advance. Clothing and dishes are not things you can live without, and we have more than enough of those. So that’s what I’m packing up now, while trying to maintain my normal life by blogging and writing (which obviously isn’t going so well right now). 
    I hate moving. It’s the worst. But I’ve also started refining my résumé and applying to jobs in California because we get to start paying off student loans as soon as Husband of Mine graduates. Yay.
    Anyway, the point of this blog post is to say that I’m probably going to be disappearing soon. There’s so much work to do and I won’t have time to blog for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to pop in every once in a while, so you know that I’m still alive and that I’m still writing.

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