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Weekly Summary

    It’s been a week since I posted my new schedule, so lets see how I did! Bonus- I got my pillow chair this week! It’s super comfortable and it really helps with my writing!

  The plan: Work.
  The reality: I worked! Check!

  The plan: There was no plan for Saturday because I’m lazy!
  The reality: I was lazy! Check!

  The plan: Write a blog post for Monday.
  The reality: I did not blog. We celebrated my dad’s birthday instead. No check for me.

  The plan: Work on A Fairy’s Tale and crit on Scribophile.
  The reality: I spent Monday cleaning, and I had to do laundry since I worked an extra day on Tuesday. Didn’t get any writing done, but I had to absorb my Tuesday into my Monday. Maybe a half check?

  The plan: Laundry and edit Powerful.
  The reality: I got called into work. It was a fairly slow day and I ended up writing 10 pages in my notebook. I stayed up late typing it up and it ended up being over 1,000 words (with some edits). Half check?

  The plan: Work.
  The reality: I worked! And I ended up writing 14 pages in my notebook. I didn’t end up typing it up so I don’t know how many words. A check and a half? Is that too generous? I guess I’ll just give myself a check.

    The grand tally? 4/6. Not bad, right?
    I didn’t get any work done for either Powerful or A Fairy’s Tale, but that’s because I’ve been working on a different project that I should hopefully be able to announce soon! Stay tuned!

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