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Minor Schedule Changes

    So, I’ve spent two weeks going through my weekly schedule and I’ve discovered a few things-

  • I’m far more productive when I’m working.
  • I can get A LOT of writing done in my downtime at work.
  • Apparently you can remotely use Scrivener on a device that doesn’t have it?!?! (Going to try it next week)
  • I’m lazy when I’m not working.
  • I actually really like my job.

    So here’s what I’m thinking for my improved schedule-

Monday– Edit Powerful, blog, crit on Scribophile
Tuesday– Laundry, edit Powerful
Wednesday– Work, write A Fairy’s Tale in free time
Thursday– Blog, Edit Powerful
Friday– Work, write A Fairy’s Tale


  • Days I work, I’m going to dedicate to writing A Fairy’s Tale
  • Days I don’t work, I’m going to dedicate to editing Powerful

    Pretty much everything else is the same. Right now, I’ve got a few small side projects that I’m working on for fun, so I’ve put my novels to the side very temporarily while I finish these short stories. It should only take another week or so to finish those, then I’ll be back to my regular stuff. 
    Let’s see how this week goes!

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