Camp NaNo Week 1

    Well, today is the end of my first week of Camp NaNo, and I think it went really well. First off, I am finally back on a normal schedule (not living out of a suitcase, not working days I’m not supposed to, etc.) and my headaches are mostly under control. Plus, I’ve got a really great support group because I have the best NaNo Cabin who runs sprints (or as we like to call them, word wars) every 15 minutes throughout the day for whoever is free to join.

    Remember, my daily goal is 806 words a day (or 2,777 if I only write on days I work). So here’s how it went-

Day 1– Friday, so I worked. I had a headache, so I didn’t get as much done as I hoped but I still passed my daily goal by 1 word. Total: 807/806.

Day 2– Saturday, so it was a lazy day. Still had a headache, but I did get some writing done. Just not enough. Wrote 633 words. Total: 1,440/1,612.

Day 3– Sunday. Migraine day. Yay. Still got some writing done, though I didn’t reach my goal. Only 203 words. Total: 1,643/2,419.

Day 4– Monday, Independence Day. I was way behind on my goal, so I forced myself to catch up before I could enjoy the holiday. Wrote 1794 words. Total: 3,437/3,225.

Day 5– Tuesday, Lazy Day. This was my best day out of the whole week. This was when we started word wars and really kicked ourselves into gear. Not only did I write 1545 words for Camp, I also edited another 2,072 words of Powerful. Total: 4,982/4,032.

Day 6– Wednesday, so I worked. I was super motivated to get a ton done, but work was overwhelmed after the holiday weekend and they pushed a bunch on me. Only 148 words. Total: 5,130/4,838.

Day 7– Thursday (today!), Lazy Day. Mind you, it’s only halfway through the day and I still have energy and a Dr. Pepper. Finished off another chapter for Camp after writing 1,186 words during word wars this morning. Total: 6,316/5,645.

    Not a bad week. Let’s hope I can keep this up through next week! Also, don’t forget to check on my progress on the sidebar! I’ve updated both Powerful and A Fairy’s Tale! Happy Camping!

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