Camp NaNo Week 2

    I know, I’m a few days behind. But at least I still got 2 blog posts out this week! In case you didn’t notice, it’s been a bit of a busy week for me.

Day 8- Friday, so I worked. It was a crazy busy day. I had probably 30 minutes of down time all day, but I did get some writing done in my free time, thanks to word wars. Only 338 words, but it’s still progress. Total- 6,654/6,451

Day9- Saturday, so I had a lazy day. I don’t remember what happened this day, but I didn’t get anything done. *sigh* Total- 6,654/7,258

Day 10- Sunday, so it was another lazy day. Not really. I had a lot of stuff to do for church, and I spent some time practicing the piano. 429 words written. Total- 7,083/8,064

Day 11- Monday, so lazy day. It was 7/11 so we got slurps and did a bit of shopping. I had some crafting to do for my sister’s dorm and I wasn’t very focused. 385 words written. Total- 7,468/8,870

Day 12- Tuesday, don’t remember what happened to me on Tuesday but I didn’t get anything done. Total- 7,468/9,677

Day 13- Wednesday, so I worked. And while I was working (aka doing nothing), I knew I had to focus so I could get back up to my goal. So I did a bunch of word wars with my friends on Scribophile, and I ended up writing 2,259 words. I wanted to write more after work because I was at a really good point, but my head started hurting and I wasn’t feeling good. Total- 10,227/10,483

Day 14- Thursday, so lazy day. It was really exciting that I finally broke the 10,000 word mark for Camp NaNo, but I was having some terrible after-effects from Wednesday. I had a horrible migraine and I spent the entire day in bed. Didn’t get anything done. And when I say anything, I mean I didn’t get anything outside of writing done either. It was a bad day. Total- 10,227/11,290

    And that was my week. I didn’t reach my goal, but I’m trying really hard to catch up. Hopefully next week is better!


**Edit- I did a bunch of crocheting for my sister on Saturday and Sunday. I was finishing this rug for her college dorm. The pattern I was using didn’t work very well so I had to make up my own.


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Week 2”

  1. What a gorgeous rug! I've only crocheted one thing in my life… It was a rusty orange afghan and I still have it on my bed, but after months of off-and-on crocheting the exact same steps over and over I swore I'd never make another. Might try knitting again someday, though–provided I can learn to purl, which I still struggle with.

    Also, congratulations on reaching 10K! That's awesome! And you're not that far behind. You have plenty of time to catch up and speed ahead again. 🙂

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