Camp NaNo Week 3

    Yes, I’m many days overdue for a post. Time has gotten away from me. So here’s the deal- There are 6 days left of Camp NaNoWriMo. And I have to hit my 25k word goal. So let’s see how this week went-

Day 15- Friday, so I worked. It was an INSANE day. Very busy. I wrote 1,145 words in my free time. Total- 11,372/12,096

Day 16- Saturday was a weird day because we spent most of the day at my in laws’ trying to do laundry. Not actually laundry day, but it needed to be done. Except, our washing machine wasn’t working so we had to use someone else’s. And we took my Brothers in law to play Pokemon Go at the park. Then we went out to dinner. The only writing I got done was adding in part of a scene I forgot the day before. 70 words. Total- 11,442/12,903

Day 17- Sunday was a pretty good day. Didn’t have a bad headache, so I focused and wrote 1,740 words. Total- 13,182/13,709

Day 18- Monday was a lazy day. Don’t remember what I did. I did get 518 words written. Total- 13,700/14,516

Day 19- Tuesday was another lazy day. 452 words written. Total- 14,152/15,322

Day 20- Wednesday, so I worked. It was a really productive day for me. Wrote 2,143 words. Total- 16,295/16,129

Day 21- Thursday was a disaster. I got home and realized I left my flash drive at work. After that realization, I kind of had a meltdown thanks to my anxiety. I spent like an hour trying to focus on what was supposed to happen in the next scene. Couldn’t focus, and I didn’t get anything done, including this blog post. Oops. Total- 16,295/16,935

    And that was where that week ended. Don’t worry, this week has already been much better, which is good because I’m running out of time to hit my Camp NaNo goal! 

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