Camp NaNo Week 4

    Welcome back to our regularly scheduled blogging! Sort of. Some family things are up this week and we’ll be traveling to Utah in a couple days, so I will probably miss a blog post next week. I promise to give you my final Camp NaNoWriMo tally as soon as I have free time!
    Anyway, here’s how this week went-

Day 22- Friday was a busy morning at work. For the first few hours, I didn’t get any writing done. But pretty soon the phones died down and I had nothing to do. I ended up writing 4,037 words. I know, right? It was awesome. Total- 20,332/17,741

Day 23- Saturday. I spent the whole day at Disneyland! I worked really hard on Friday to catch up through Monday so I didn’t have to worry about writing. Total- 20,332/18,548

Day 24- Sunday was my birthday! Whoo! Party time! Still partying at Disneyland. Total- 20,332/19,354

Day 25- Monday was a lazy day. I had to recover from Disneyland and I needed my sleep, badly. It was also Astrid’s second birthday! Mostly I blogged and did laundry. Total- 20,332/20,161

Day 26- Tuesday I woke up with a migraine. Didn’t end up being a very good day for me. Wrote 279 words. Total- 20,611/20,967

Day 27- Wednesday, so I worked. And just like Friday, it was a busy morning, but the afternoon was very slow. At first I had a hard time getting into the scene, but I couldn’t stop writing by the end of the day. I wrote 3,220 words. Total- 23,831/21,774

Day 28- Thursday which did not end up being the lazy day I had hoped for. I worked really hard on Wednesday to get ahead on A Fairy’s Tale so that I could spent Thursday working on Powerful, but due to our family circumstances and a recent event, I ended up spending the day doing laundry and packing suitcases for our trip coming up. We’re spending the weekend with my Brothers in Law, and next week we’ll be in Utah for a few days. Should be fun, right? Anyway, I didn’t get any writing done. Total- 23,831/22,580

    In case you’re too lazy to do the math, I still have 3 days left of Camp NaNoWriMo to write 1,169 words. That’s 390 words a day. Here’s hoping for a productive weekend! 

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