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My Birthday Round-Up 2016

    I’m a few weeks behind this year because of Camp NaNo and all the family dealings that came after, but now I’m ready to do a birthday present round up! 

    First- Husband of Mine planned a super fun weekend at Disneyland for my birthday. We stayed one night in the Grand Californian hotel, which is AMAZING, and we spent two days in the parks with family and friends. I got to wear my R2-D2 dress, too. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, which was delicious, and I picked out a new shirt. It was a great birthday weekend.

The view from our room
My birthday button!

Last ride of the trip!

    We had a family dinner the night before we left, and I got the book, I Am Malala, which is Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography about when she was shot by the Taliban for going to school. I wrote a paper on her in college right after she was shot, and I haven’t heard enough about what she’s been doing since. I am fascinated by her life story. 
    But most importantly, I FINALLY got my copy of Heart of the Winterland! I’ve posted about it a few times before because the author, Kristen Kooistra, is in my writing group. And guess what, I’m famous now!

    In the acknowledgements section, my name is mentioned! Well, our whole group was brought up, but my name specifically! I feel so special. *blushes* 
    All in all, it was a successful birthday! 

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