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    I know, I said I was back from hiatus, but then everything in my life decided to jump in the blender and mix it up again. So this is going to be a fairly rambly post. Here goes.
    First off, I am currently working full time and I will be until mid October. We’re in the middle of our busy season and one of our administrative assistants quit, so I’m currently working in the back and the other receptionist is covering my shifts full time. It’ll be crazy until after our deadline and someone else is hired and trained, and I can return to my regularly scheduled working.
    I’ve also officially registered myself for a handful of online classes through Poynter NewsU and soon I’ll be a certified editor through ACES (American Copy Editor Society)! Exciting, right? Yeah…Maybe…
    Around the same time I got that call from work, my computer stopped working. It randomly crashed on me and sat there with a blank screen instead of restarting. That was in the middle of the day Thursday, when I was preparing to blog, and I was starting my first class for my ACES certification. So, I spent the day pacing and waiting for Husband of Mine to get home. He took apart my computer and it’s currently on bypass until a new part gets ordered.

    That’s my hard drive. Taped to the back of my computer. Yep. Bypass. It blinks and everything. Hopefully surgery will go well once we get the new part.
    On top of all this, we got the news this week that Husband of Mine’s grandmother is moving to Oklahoma indefinitely, and on Wednesday, we are moving into her house. So I’m moving again. Yay. I hate moving. I get to spend the rest of the day packing. Again. 
    Now, let’s not forget what I just told you- I’m working full time right now. And we’re moving on Wednesday. Don’t ask me exactly how all this is going to work out, because I still have no idea. 
    When it rains, it pours on me. And now I’m just trying to keep my head above water. Unfortunately, that means my blogging is going to be sporadic for the time being. But let’s focus on the good, shall we? I finished Powerful before all this happened, so my progress on that will not be affected. I’m still waiting for feedback on it, and hopefully by the end of October things will settle down in my life so I can work on the third draft!
    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I can’t focus that far ahead right now. I’m just trying to get through Wednesday. See you all (hopefully) soon!

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  1. I'm sorry about all the stress you're going through. Life never seems to let us handle one thing at a time. But the DIY computer repair pic made me laugh–had you used duct tape instead of scotch tape, it would've looked like one of my fixes.

    Good luck with everything.

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