April Camp NaNo Week 1

    This past week has been AMAZING. Just check out my word count on the side bar!

    The reason I’ve made such great progress is because I’m editing, not writing fresh stuff. It’s a lot easier when I’ve got all my notes organized right here on my computer and I can pull up my previous draft next to my current draft. Here’s how it went-

Day 1- Edited the first chapter. 2,239 words written.
Day 2- Nothing done. I won’t get much done during the weekends this time around. Good thing I’m getting so much done during the week!
Day 3- Edited chapter 2. 2,374 words written. 4,586 words total.
Day 4- Edited chapter 3. 2,561 words written. 7,174 words total.
Day 5- Edited chapter 4. 2,497 words written. 9,671 words total.
Day 6- Edited chapter 5. 2,972 words written. 12,643 words total.
Day 7- Edited chapter 6. 3,314 words written. 15,957 words total.

    Yeah, that’s right. I’m already 15,957 words into my 20,000 words goal! But, I’m also struggling a bit because the end of the month is going to be crazy busy for me. First, Husband of Mine is going on a business trip for ten days at the end of the month. Second, my sister is graduating college and I may or may not be gone for the last 4 days of the month.
    So, it’s a good thing that I’m so far ahead because I may have to cut my month short. But, I’m still hoping to get another ten chapters edited at least. That’s at least an additional 20,000 words on top of what I’ve already edited. I could actually end the month close to a full NaNo 50k! But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Let’s see how this upcoming week goes before I officially change my goal.

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