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August Goals

    So….July’s over and I never posted any Camp NaNoWriMo updates. Whoops. Turns out, you can’t do much sitting (and therefore writing/blogging) when the contractions start. I really only got 7 days to write before everything went crazy. 

    Basically, here’s what happened-

  • I wrote 1,739 words in one day (putting my Camp NaNo total up to 2,091 words), then the beginning stages of labor started the next day.
  • I spent 4 days trying to work through the beginning stages of labor and some fun, never-ending contractions before actually getting admitted to the hospital and going into active labor.
  • Son of Mine was born on July 12th (1 whole day early! Yay!) at 4:15 in the afternoon.
  • I’ve spent the past almost-month either holding a baby, changing diapers, or sleeping/trying to sleep.

    But here’s the good news (sort of…)- My short story first draft is due September 1st, so I have to get back into writing pretty quickly here. At least we’ve (mostly) got Son of Mine on a schedule so I’m feeling (mostly) rested. That, and there’s always Dr. Pepper.
    So here’s my plan: I have to get back into writing to finish my short story on time, then I have to get back to work on Powerful. To do that, I have to actually write. So now that I’ve started to get a semblance of a schedule back in my life, it’s time to set some daily goals.
    In order to get my short story finished by September 1st, I have to write about 250 words a day. Not too bad. I can totally do that, right? Here’s hoping! 
    I’ll try really hard to update weekly, but my priority is focusing on the story, so my blog may take a back seat for a while. I’ll try to update on my Twitter and Facebook since I’ve been neglecting those for the past month. Wish me luck!

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