Writing Practice


    Today, I decided to share some poetry on my blog.  Writing poetry is something I rarely do now, but in the past it was almost a daily occurrence.  Having lost my poetry notebook, I was left without anything to share except promises of posts in the future when I find my notebook.  However, In honor of July 4th yesterday and getting to light off fireworks for the first time ever, I took the opportunity to write a new poem.  It’s not that great, but I like the concepts behind it.


A spark so small
Barely noticed
Or seen
Or heard in the black of night.

An idea mentioned
But not heard
Or noticed
Or seen in the crowded conversation.

A child trying to hide
Not wanting to be seen
Or heard
Or noticed in the unruly classroom.

The spark grows
Down the fuse.

The idea starts
A chain reaction.

The child discovers
Worlds of words.

The firework ignites
Exploding up into the sky
To be admired.

The idea blooms
Proving its worth
To be valued.

The child writes
Expressing creative power
To be noticed.

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