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NaNoWriMo 2014 The End

    Today is December 1st, 2014. NaNoWriMo is officially over. It ended at 11:59 pm last night. My word count for November is 20,226. That’s right, I hit made it to my 20,000 word goal. Here’s the official week by week tally:

    Week 1- 6,255 words – 20,372 words total
    Week 2- 9,273 words – 15,528 words so far – 29,645 words total
    Week 3- 4,435 words – 19,963 words so far – 34,080 words total
    Week 4- 263 words – 20,226 words so far – 34,343 words total

    Yeah, this past week wasn’t very awesome. I was crazy busy with my family here, and I only focused on my writing on Monday.  I didn’t even get another chapter written, so technically I still can’t claim that I’m halfway through my novel.  The only reason I hit my goal was because when I rewrote chapter 14 from first person, I cut out a lot of Phillippe’s thoughts and forgot to put them back in.  So I added them into chapter 15 because they were really important to the story line and his part was only a few lines.


    The important part is that I hit my goal, and I’m going to keep writing.  I’m dedicating my entire week to planning out Ella and Dahlia so I can go confidently into the rest of Rose.  I’m going to sit on Scrivener and plot and plot and plot.  I’ve been researching fairy tale retellings and reading as many versions of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty as I can find.
    I’ve hit a wall with my writing.  I’m struggling with writer’s block because I’m overwhelmed by the plots I haven’t figured out yet.  I can’t move forward with Rose until everything else is plotted so I know what to do with my minor characters (who are major characters in their own stories).  It’s this quote over and over again, except ten times more relevant because there will be books about them so I have no choice but to figure out their stories.

    That’s all for now.  I’m hoping to get a free write in this week for either Dahlia or Ella, because I think that would really help with all the planning and plotting I have to do this week.

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