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    I apologize for spamming everyone with news about my adventures at Physical Therapy.  I know some of you care, and some of you are like, “Hey, Alyson, I thought this was a writing blog.  Where’s the writing?”  Well, that’s why I figured I’d give a bonus blog post this week!  Which I guess really isn’t a bonus when all I’ve been doing is not talking about writing.
    Anyway, this post is titled LTUE, and if you’re anything like me, you’re like, “What the heck does that stand for?”  Well, I’ll tell you!  It stands for Life, The Universe, and Everything.  And if you’re anything like me, you’re still totally lost and probably going to ignore me and google LTUE.  I’ll save you the trouble by posting the LTUE website link here.

    I heard about LTUE through an author friend who was invited to participate on a few panels.  When she announced this, I still had no idea what LTUE was, so I looked it up because if authors are involved, I’d probably be interested in it.  Turns out, BYU (the school that I live right next to because I went there and my husband goes there) hosts a Science Fiction and Fantasy writing symposium every February.  This year it’s February 12th-14th.  It’s pretty awesome that it’s practically down the street from me.
    But the best part?  It’s free for anyone with a student ID!!!  My ID doesn’t expire until May!  I get to go to 3 days of Sci-fi/Fantasy writing panels for free!  And again, it’s practically down the street from me!
    However, if you don’t live in Provo, or anywhere near it and are still interested in going, the Provo Marriott (which is located right next to, and I mean the building next to, the Convention Center where LTUE is held) is offering discounted rates per night if you tell them you’re going to LTUE.  
    If you’re not a student, you can still come, it’s just slightly more expensive.  It’s $55 for all three days, or $20 for a single day.  Take a look at the schedule for this year and see if any of the panels appeal to you.  I’m already planning how to divvy up my time, and Husband of Mine doesn’t even care that I’m spending Valentine’s day at a writer’s symposium.  I’m so excited!
    Well, now back to my writing!

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