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Progress Report!

    I thought I’d give a brief progress report summarizing how my week went when comparing it to the goals I set.

    Sunday- A
    Goal- Write blog post and set to post on Monday.
    What I actually did- I actually wrote a blog post and posted it on Monday! Yay!
    Monday- A
    Goal- Write chapter 10.
    What I actually did- Wrote chapter 10! Also, I discovered that the best place to write is in our lazy boy recliner. It’s super comfortable, has a good view out the window, isn’t directly in front of the tv so I’m not tempted to watch Netflix, and props my feet up (my favorite writing position) while still supporting my head and neck so I can see my computer. It’s really comfy, and I got a lot of work done.
    Tuesday- A
    Goal- Laundry and crocheting.
    What I actually did- Laundry and crocheting! Yeah, it kind of took me a while to get laundry started, but I got it washed, dried, and folded, and I crocheted a lot. It was my destress day, and boy did I need it. I was exhausted by the time that day came around and it was really nice to be able to relax a bit, but I also took a lot of the time on my break day to prep for writing my next chapter. It kept me focused on my writing while taking a break.

    Wednesday- C
    Goal- Write blog post to post on Thursday and crit on Scrib.
    What I actually did- Well, I got the blog post written (after procrastinating it off until late afternoon and crocheting myself out of yarn), and I took more time to finish writing my mythology to prep for my writing day on Thursday. But, I didn’t crit anything. I discovered that I started to slack off halfway through the week. I justified not critting because I didn’t need anymore karma, when I should’ve been storing it up. So, I only accomplished half of my goal…Not a great day.
    Thursday- A
    Goal- Write chapter 11.
    What I actually did- Wrote chapter 11! All my prep from the previous day paid off and I booked it through this chapter. It was a totally successful day. I was really relieved that I was able to get myself back on track and stay productive.
    Friday- A
    Goal- Catch up!
    What I actually did- Crit like crazy! I was able to put myself back into a productive mode and get work done. I caught up on everything I didn’t do on Wednesday and finished the week off on a strong note. I even spent an hour and a half at the dog park with Puppy of Mine, and a couple of hours at the doctor’s office, but I still pushed myself to get this done.

    Overall, I did a pretty good job at planning a schedule for myself, and I’m really excited to start out another week and continue crossing off word count goals and chapter goals. Even now I’m getting ahead of myself and blogging a day early. A few days ago I figured out that I’ve only written 28% of Powerful. That’s really disheartening. But not totally. 
    When I look back at all the writing I’ve done since I started Powerful in January, it can’t be summarized by chapters, word counts, or percentage written. I spent hours, days, planning out the entire story. I spent like a month working on character sketches so I know why each character is important and I know everything about them. I created maps and I planned out cultures and religions for each kingdom and Central City. None of those efforts are seen when I say I’ve only written 11 chapters. But with all that hard work and planning finished and out of the way, I can write the rest of that novel much faster. And that brings me relief.
    ~Allie May

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