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My Year in Books

    This past year I’ve read a lot of books. To be fair, the majority of the books were books I’ve read before, but I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve read. These are in no particular order because I don’t actually remember when I read all of these.
    My year started off with me rereading my favorite series, The Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. Enna Burning is my favorite book and I read it at least once a year.

    Sometime around that same time I also read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It was good, but the undefined magical limitations led to a lot of confusion on my part.

    After that I reread The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. I will finish the series eventually, but it got pushed to the side by my ever growing “To Read” List.

    I also reread Little Women this year. I love that book so much.

    Over the summer I read the His Fair Assassin trilogy by Robin LaFevers. They were awesome. What a great concept! I highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys romance and murder.

    Also over the summer I reread the first three Kingdom Keepers books by Ridley Pearson thanks to my 13 year old Brother-in-Law who recently discovered them. I read them when I was his age, but couldn’t remember enough to talk to him about it so I picked them back up. There’s a whole bunch more to the series now and I want to finish them next time I’m in California and can borrow his books again.

    More recently I began reading Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. I thought I’d read it before, but now that I’m reading it, I think this might actually be my first time.

    And I’ve been reading a collection of 101 Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm, and a collection of Hans Christian Andersen tales. I don’t know how far I’m into either of those because I’m skipping all over the place.

    I know I’m missing some books that I read this year. Maybe they’ll come to me in the next couple of days. 
    Anyway, I’m looking for book recommendations! I’m not a big fan of romance, but I don’t mind it in the story as long as it’s in the background and not super cheesy (keep it PG rated). I love fantasy. I love historical fiction. I love Young Adult. Please suggest books you like because I want to read them!

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  1. I recommend The Raven Boys series by Maggie Stiefvater. It's one of the best YA I've read if you're into urban fantasy. Ley lines, sleeping kings, spirits, tarot, magical forests, wonderful characters, and of course beautiful writing. It touches on history/legends although not sure how much of that is real. Check out the preview on Amazon, and it should get you hooked. 🙂 It has romance, but not in an annoying way. -Sylvia

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