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    I’ve been up to a lot recently. First off, if you missed my Youtube debut, you can check it out here! And if I’m not as entertaining as my dog, you can at least watch more of her antics here. We all know she’s the real star of the show.
    Second, I’m sporting a new look!

    I got glasses! Finally! They’re long overdue (I was supposed to go in months ago). I’m farsighted, so these are “as needed”. It’s amazing how different everything is with glasses on. For example, I can no longer read without my glasses. My eyes refuse to focus enough to read letters. It hurts so bad to try.  But I can’t use my glasses to see things far away. Which is fine because I’m farsighted.
    Third, I spent a lot of time this past week putting together guest posts for my “A Day in the Life of…” series! So sadly, this post will be short and simple because I’ve spent all my brain power working on the other 9 blog posts I scheduled this week. The first one will go live on February 1st at 9 am (PST). That’s only one week away! I’m so excited for this series.
    I talked a bit about why I’m doing this series in my first video, but it was really long and rambly and not everyone has time to listen to me for half an hour. And I said “Umm” a lot. So I’m going to talk about it a bit here.
    Everyone has different circumstances. Some of us have free time, and some don’t. I know plenty of writers who work full time and have to write in their free time around their jobs. I know writers who have kids and if they try to take some time to write in the middle of the day, they’ll find their kids have kidnapped all the silverware out of the kitchen and started a horde in their bedroom (a real life story from one of my guest writers). But no matter how different our circumstances and our schedules, we all are writers.
    There is no “right” way to be a writer. The only way to be a writer is to be writing. We all write different things and we all write in different ways. But we are all writers. Ignore all other advice people give, because what works for one person doesn’t make it a rule for everyone. 
    So as you read about the lives of other writers, don’t pressure yourself to change everything about your situation in an attempt to better yourself as a writer. Take that time to evaluate how you work and what motivates you specifically. 
    Not everyone can work 40+ hours a week and write a book on the side, but at the same time, not everyone can be motivated to write when they spend all day at home with their dog (like me). People make time for what is important. Writers make time for their writing, no matter what. 
    I hope you all enjoy the series! Check out the who series as it goes live here!

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  1. @Xena, you should write that! It would be hilarious.

    You're rocking the new look, Allie. So glad the glasses finally arrived.

    As someone who has gone from having all the time in the world to write, to juggling writing and college, to having all the time in the world, to juggling writing and a part-time to full-time job, I can definitely attest to the saying, "writers write." It's what we do, and we find time to do it, even if it's just two-minute blocks in between everything else.

    Looking forward to the A Day in the Life of… posts and I haven't forgotten about emailing you regarding that; just been super busy with finishing the first draft of my current novel and work.

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