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Meeting Authors

    Remember last November when I got to meet Shannon Hale and get my Books of Bayern series signed? That was an awesome day.
    July 2012- Husband of Mine (at the time he was Boyfriend of Mine) was in Oklahoma working for his great-grandparents, and I was working in California for the summer. It was my birthday, and a package from him came in the mail. I opened it, and inside sat three books- Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight, and Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George.

    I had been asking for these books for a while, and he gave them to me for my birthday! I, of course, immediate sat down and read the whole trilogy. I mean, what else was I supposed to do? (He also gave me a stuffed R2-D2 that makes noise, but that’s not relevant to this post.)
    The books were great. I loved them. I highly recommend them to all fantasy lovers because DRAGONS.

    Anyway, yesterday I was on Twitter when I saw that a handful of authors were going to be signing books at my local Barnes and Noble (the one that offered me a job but the hours didn’t work). One of the authors was Bree Despain who I met at LTUE last year. Another was Jessica Day George.
    So today I told the husband about it, grabbed my books off the shelf, and headed out to Barnes and Noble. I got them signed and stamped! 

    Then, something caught my eye. On the stand next to her, sat Princess of the Midnight Ball. That series has been on my “to read” list since forever (and a very picky friend recommended them to me). So I picked it up and pleaded with Husband of Mine, who relented and bought me that trilogy. I got those signed too!

    We talked for a while about books, writing, and I bragged about how awesome my dad is because of all the things he puppeteered on tv and in movies. And, of course, we took a picture together.

    So there’s another one of my favorite authors I can cross off my list! And tomorrow I can take my new book with me to the gym to read while I’m biking and walking on the treadmill! Yay! 
    I can’t wait until LTUE this year so I can meet more authors! Last year, I was a little star struck and stayed in the background. This year, I’m planning on putting myself out there and socializing more. Especially because Brandon Sanderson and Shannon Hale are going to be there. It’s gonna be awesome!

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