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NaNoWriMo 2015 Week 2.5

    I was supposed to post some inspiration today as it is midway through the week but I have something far more important to share.
    I finished Powerful.

    That’s right. I finally finished. The idea came to me September 2014. I wrote the first first chapter the day I got the idea. And I planned out the first few chapters, then I stopped because it was distracting from what I was working on. I didn’t return to it until December when I was doing more thorough plotting and character sketches, but I didn’t actually start writing it (for real, because the original first chapter was mostly me spewing crap to get all my ideas out) until January 18th, 2015. I finished the first draft November 17, 2015. 

    It took me 11 months to get from Chapter 1 to Chapter 37. From page 1 to page 386. From word 1 to word 103,214. That’s right it’s 103,214 words in all. I thought it would be more, but I’m really happy it’s not. 100K is a good length. 110K is a little long. I feel a lot more comfortable with it at this length.
    Here’s my NaNoWriMo tally-

Week 1- Started at 64,497 – Ended at 81,093 – Wrote 16,596
Week 2- Started at 81,093 – Ended at 91,383 – Wrote 10,290
Week 3- Started at 91,383 – Ended at 103,214 – Wrote 11,831

Grand total: 38,717

    Not 50,000 words, but it’s done. But I’m nowhere near the finish line. While I’ve technically written the last word, I really haven’t. There are still a lot of changes that need to be made, some I’ve already started working on. I pulled out all my writing sticky notes (Snoopy themed, my favorite author, courtesy of my Grandma) and I started making a list of things I realized I forgot to mention or tie up at the end. 
    I’m printing it up today and starting tonight I’m going to read it through all the way from start to finish a few times and keep notes on my stickies for each chapter about details that are presented to make sure each point is tied up by the end, to correct grammar, and to highlight sentences I do and do not like.
    It’s going to be a rough process, but I’m ready to handle it. I’m well past the point where I’m unsure about making changes and I’m no longer in love with everything I write. I’m ready to tear apart my baby so I can build it back up stronger than before. I’m excited, rather than daunted, by the editing process. I’ve gotten a lot of really helpful advice in my critiques, and I’m ready to finally make those changes so that my writing is at its best. I want my book to be ready for readers.
    I also want to take this time to thank all my friends for their support and enthusiasm as I’ve been writing. I lucked out to have a really great family who has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. My parents, my sisters, even my sister’s boyfriend have been asking me for weeks when they can read Powerful. And I’m super grateful to Husband of Mine for his simple encouragement in working his butt off every day while still a full time student so I can stay home and get my writing done. I have a great support system at home and on Scribophile (Facebook and Twitter, too!) and everyone who reads this post has played a part in getting me to this point.
    Thank you all so much and wish me luck!

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